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Light up disco dance floor

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ALL PRODUCTS unless otherwise specified are the property of THEME STUDIO

Led Disco floor edge frame The floor system sits in a frame of 105mm x 600mm square making installation simple.

Each tile is controlled by standard DMX 512 protocol, ease of colour change is achieved by mixing the R/G/B led's to create 100's of colours and shades.


 led dance floor - controller LMD08 

Control comes via laptop computer and SUNLITE Control systems. In the event of component failure, there are two spare 8 channel modules for use as backup.
A spare laptop is also on standby. In the unlikely event of all of these systems failing, there is an onboard pre programmed sequencer within the sunlight controller and /or the DMX controllers

 LED dance floor - contol sunlite dongle 

The R/G/B colour changing dance floors have been manufactured to withstand the pressures of night club venues.

Quality and durability and safety have always been a requirement for professional installations, this is the reason why the equipment has been chosen for so many venue installations across the world. We have taken this concept and adapted its use for touring and mobile installations.

You can be confident that the panels are manufactured to the highest quality standards, have been load tested, and are fit for the purpose intended.


In order that installation methods are managed by two technicians, panels are transported within flightcases. We are therefore dependant on ground floor access, but able to transport panels loaded on carriers, anywhere within the venue facility, so long as there is ramp or lift access.
Installation times are variable depending upon other factors beyond our control, given that we have free and continuous access, under normal circumstances, the complete system is laid and operational within 3 hours.

Each floor panel contains adjustment features to allow for the alignment of each panel, however, the supporting floor, whether in a permanent venue or marquee, MUST be rigid in construction and support the floor framework.

Carpets or matting, over grass covered areas must be additionally covered with a solid floor to comply with Health and Safety issues.

All offers posted on website are conditional, subject to mileage and date availability. Please phone for information.


FEES START FROM £600 + VAT  for 3 meter x 3meter floor (25 tiles)