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Jolly And Joker Masks

 All products are manufactured by hand, according to a tradition of genuine Venetian craftmanship.

Volto Jolly Reale Musica
  Volto Jolly Reale Velluto  Volto Jolly Musica   
Volto Jolly Reale
Volto Jolly Musica
 Volto Jolly Velluto    Colombina Jolly Brillante  Joker Reale Musica   
Volto Jolly Velluto
Colombina Jolly
Joker Reale Musica
 Joker Reale Lux  Joker Musica    Joker Tarot   
Joker Reale Lux
Joker Musica
Joker Tarot
   Joker venetian mask  Volto Dama Reale Musica  Volto Dama Reale   
Volto Dama
Reale Musica
Volto Dama Reale
 Volto Dama Tarot  Contessa  Colombina Jolly Musica   
Volto Dama
Colombina Jolly
 Colombina Jolly Velluto  Colombina Jolly Musica  Colombina Velo   
Colombina Jolly
Colombina Jolly
Colombina Velo
 Joker Mezzo Velluto  colombina re  Joker Mezzo Velluto   
Joker Mezzo
Colombina Re
Volto Re
 Volto Dama  Joker Reale  Volto Dama Musica   
Volto Dama
Joker Reale
Volto Dama Musica
Volto Dama Reale Tarot  Volto Jolly Arcobaleno Tarot  Volto Jolly Arco Strass Musica    
Volto Dama
Reale Tarot
Volto Jolly
Arcobaleno Tarot
Volto Jolly Arco
Strass Musica

 handcrafted papier mâché which is use to create the masks possesses an elasticity and softness that allows it to adapt comfortably and perfectly to its wearer's face.


.The larva, also called the volto mask, is mainly white, and typically Venetian. It is worn with a tricorn and cloak. It is thought the word "larva" comes from the Latin meaning "mask" or "ghost". Like the bauta, the shape of the mask allowed the wearer to breathe, drink, and speak easily without having to remove the mask. These masks were made of fine wax cloth and so were light and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for a night of socializing and dancing

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