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Gobo Show Effects Projector

OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow Effects Projector GS2051*

opti kinetics gobo show


The OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow (GS2051*) is a stylish Effects Projector that projects sharp, bright images in almost any indoor environment. The OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow, with it’s bright 9000 hour lamp** (2 years at 12 hours a day), is the perfect, low maintenance projector for ongoing brand or product promotions, retail, display and effects projection.

 The OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow even runs cool enough to project 35mm full colour slides for short-term promotions.  A massive saving on the cost of longer term etched dichroic coloured custom gobos.


All OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow Effects Projectors are supplied complete with an 85mm lens and 150 watt arc lamp.


OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow Effects Projector with DMX GS2041*

 The OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow also has a factory fitted OPTI Kinetics DMX and Shutter option (GS2041*) with the signal transmitted through the rails, which also supply the power for OPTI Kinetics GoBo Range motorised Effect Accessories.  Programmable OPTI Kinetics GoBo Range Accessories like Autochangers, or the X-Y Mirror, can automatically control the shutter and allow remote operation from a DMX lighting desk.

 Both OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow versions have models available for use with other voltages.  For stock codes see technical page.

OPTI Kinetics GoBo Range Effect Accessories

To project any OPTI Kinetics Effect using an OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow it has to be fitted onto an OPTI Kinetics GoBo Range Effect Accessory before being attached to the Effects Projector.  All OPTI Kinetics GoBo Range Effect Accessories are purchased separately.



Overall size                   517mm long x 289mm wide x 166mm deep                                

                                    (293mm deep with hanging bracket).

Weight                          7.7kg.

Standard lens                3 Element 85mm f2.8 48.5mm diameter smooth barrel.

Mains voltage               110 - 120V~ or 220 - 240V~  50/60Hz.

Power consumption       325 Watts maximum.

12V~ output current       1.6A  maximum.

Lamp type                    Osram HQI-T 150W single ended.                      

Lamp life                      Average 9000 hours (change before 9000 hours).                       

Total light output           1550 lumens with new lamp.                              

Colour temperature        4200 K.                                                            

Cooling                         Tubeaxial exhaust and 3 speed centrifugal fans.

DMX & Shutter              (Factory Fitted Option) 1 Channel of DMX.

DMX plug                      5 pin XLR.

OPTI Kinetics GoBo Range Effects and Accessories


35mm Slides (on an Autochanger), 50mm Gobos, OPTI Kinetics 50mm & 3 inch Effect Cassettes, 6 inch Effect Wheels and  OPTI Max Wheels


Effect Accessories

OPTI Kinetics GoBoRange: Effect Holders, Rotators, Autochangers and Clock Attachment


Other Lenses

OPTI Kinetics GoBo Range 45mm, 60mm, 120mm and 150mm.


Effect Lens

OPTI Kinetics Kaleidoscope Lens


Lens Accessories

OPTI Kinetics Clip-on Prisms, Panoramic Rotator and OPTI Kinetics Solar Deflector Mirror.



OPTI Kinetics GoBo Range Deflector Mirror and OPTI Kinetics GoBo Range Motorised Mirrors.




*The OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow comes in black or white (add W to code for white).

 **The OPTI Kinetics GoBoshow projects white light at almost 1.5 times the brightness of the standard OPTI Kinetics Solar 250 with 30 times the lamp life!  When the OPTI Solar 250 is fitted with an Eye Lamp the OPTI Kinetics GoBoShow projects white light almost 2 times brighter with 4.5 times the lamp life.



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