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Light up disco dance floor

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ALL PRODUCTS unless otherwise specified are the property of THEME STUDIO

Led Disco floor edge frame 

The floor system is manufactured from a fabricated box section that sits in a frame of 105mm above the existing floor level.
To reduce the possibility of falls off of the 100mm deck we have introduced bull nose aluminium extrusion all around the peripheral edge of the dance floor.


 For Health and Safety reasons we do NOT allow drinks and fluids onto the dance floor.
This is principly to remove any potential slipping hazard.

   All mains power is located in the contol desk, typically 3 meters away from the leading edge of the dance floor. The R/G/B colour control system located inside of each panel is driven by 24V so that ALL risk of electric shock has been removed

All cables are contained within the floor structure with the exception of the contol system umbilical. The control cable is contained within a conduit framework joining the control desk to the floor.

These cables are WITHOUT main voltage so all potential risk of electrocution has been removed.



FEES START FROM £600 + VAT  for 3 meter x 3meter floor (25 tiles)